Source code for dq.config

import os

import toml

[docs]class Config(object): """Configuration helper.""" _instance = None
[docs] @classmethod def init(cls): """Initialize the configuration. If the config file contains a dictionary keyed by ``env``, all its content will be set as environment variables. This function should not be called externally. The ``Config.get`` function lazily initializes the config object automatically. """ dqenv = os.getenv('DQENV') or 'local' with open('config/{}.toml'.format(dqenv)) as conffile: cls._instance = toml.loads( env = cls._instance.get('env') if isinstance(env, dict): for key, value in env.items(): os.environ[key] = value
[docs] @classmethod def get(cls, key): """Get the config value specified by the provided key. TOML config files should be stored in the config folder, and the environment (i.e. which file to choose) should be specified by the ``DQENV`` environment variable. :param string key: The key to retrieve the value for. Nested key should have its components separated by dot, such as ````. :returns: The value of the key if it exists, and ``None`` otherwise. """ if cls._instance is None: cls.init() parts = key.split('.') cfg = cls._instance for part in parts: cfg = cfg.get(part) if cfg is None: return None return cfg