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import logging

import emails

from dq.config import Config
from dq.logging import error

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

SMTP_CONFIG = Config.get('mail')

[docs]def send_email(to, subject, html, sender_name, sender_email): """Send an email. :param string to: The recepient of the email. :param string subject: The subject of the email. :param string html: The HTML content of the email. :param string sender_name: The name of the sender. :param string sender_email: The sender address of the email. :returns boolean: True if the email is sent successfully. False otherwise. """ mail = emails.Message( html=html, subject=subject, mail_from=(sender_name, sender_email), ) resp = mail.send(to=to, smtp=SMTP_CONFIG) if not resp.success: error(logger, 'Failed to send email', { 'error': resp.error.strerror, 'to': to, 'subject': subject, }) return resp.success